Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Take Dad out to the Ball Game

I had purchased a ticket package from the Dodgers before the season started - Three tickets for 12 games. My two older kids usually like to come to the games with me, so it normally works out well. But June 1 was a school night for them. So I invited my Dad and brother to go with me to the game. I picked up my Dad in Colton, and met Scott at the game. He drove strait there from San Jose. We met early and played a little catch in the park across the street from the Dodger Stadium parking lot.

We don't like paying $15 for parking, so we try to get there early to get the good spots just outside the parking lot. That is one reason that I took up this batting practice hobby.

I was hoping to have better luck this time with the D-backs, since I didn’t have to hold or keep an eye on Casey during BP. However I just managed to get one ball and even that one wasn’t spectacular. I should have caught it but I bobbled it, and had to grab it off the stairwell before another guy got it.

During the time we were there, someone from a newspaper was interviewing and taking pictures during batting practice. He was really intrigued with Dad being there and wearing a glove. Of course the story was not quite as good when Dad told him it was his first game this year. I have been searching online to see if I could find the story they guy wrote, but I have yet to find it.

Dad was really hoping to catch a ball, but there were not a lot of balls coming our way that day.

The Dodgers looked like they might put a couple of rallies together to win, but they ended up loosing the game. Joe Torre brought Eric Milton in to pinch hit that night. It seemed like a very strange move, he had other hitters on the bench, and Milton is not really known to be a good hitting pitcher (.176 lifetime with no hits for the Dodgers this year).

However it was an enjoyable night for me with my brother and my dad.

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